Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Welcome to all new teachers! We're glad you're here. The background for this Blog is stars at the moment, because I suspect a few of you feel like you're seeing stars right about now. You've been provided with lots of information this first week back....

But take a deep breath, ask questions when you need to, find a buddy and start building your support system. Remember to communicate! We're here to help each other so we can all teach to the best of our talents and abilities.

If you have something to share, feel free. Remember this site is for you!


  1. This new technology is a little overwhelming...I know I am not alone!! However, it gets easier everyday and I look forward to being a "techno teacher" :) I think the students will really benefit from it!

  2. You aren't alone and you do have support! Let us know when you are in need of help!!

  3. Hey guys and gals!! I am so happy that we made it through the week! I had an amazing week the kids were great, but was wondering if anyone's media player was not working? I needed to show my students a video about India and my windows media player kept saying it couldnt play because it didnt have a decoder? It works on my home computer, so was just wondering how to fix this?
    Mrs. Lothrop

  4. What type of video were you trying to play? On some computers, I have downloaded a program (VLC Media Player) to play media. See if this website gets you to a download option: